FAQs For LED Bulbs

How to choose LED headlight bulbs ?👉Click Here

Choose LED headlight bulbs according to different application scenarios

FAQ For LED Bulbs?

How to solve the problem of car LED headlight decoding👉Click Here

What causes decoding issues?

What are the common performance situations?

The solution to the decoding problem.

Problems with the working principle of car lights 👉Click Here

Regarding whether DRL daytime running lights can be installed?

In the "AUTO" mode of the car headlight, the LED bulb does not light up?

The light bulb is not working, Check whether the positive and negative poles are plugged in reversely?

Retrofitting LED headlights, radio has interference problems?

Headlight hardware installation-related issues👉Click Here

H7 socket

H13 socket

H4 socket

Some common problems when changing LED lights

FAQs For Exterior/Interior Light 👉Click Here

FAQ For LED Bulbs?

What type of socket do I need for exterior/interior light bulbs?

How do I check compatibility with my vehicle?

What is the socket 3157 3156 7443 1157 1156 T15 710?

How to choose a turn signal ? 👉Click Here

There are two main types of turn signals:

1. DRL (Daytime Running Light) & Turn Signal Integration

2. Individual turn signal

How to choose backup lights? 👉Click Here