FAQs For Exterior/Interior Light

FAQ For LED Bulbs?

What type of socket do I need for exterior/interior light bulbs?

  • It's essential to determine the specific socket type required for your vehicle's exterior/interior light bulbs.

  • Common socket types include 3157 3156 7443 1157 1156 T15 T10, etc. Make sure to check your vehicle's manual or consult a professional to identify the correct socket type.

How do I check compatibility with my vehicle?

  • Use the Product Finder System to select your Year Make Model to get the right bulbs for your vehicle.

  • If you come across a car model that you can't find in the product search system, please remove the original halogen bulb from the car and take a photo, contact us at customer@auxbeam.com.

  • Please contact us at customer@auxbeam.com, and tell us about the Year Make Model of your vehicle. Let us know which LED bulb you're interested in, so we can check the fitment and get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the socket 3157 3156 7443 1157 1156 T15 T10?

  • 3157 - This model is also known as 3157A, 3157NA, 3157NAK, 3157K etc. This socket fits turn signals,brake lights, and tail lights.

  • 3156 - This model is also known as 3156A, 3156NA, 3356, 3456, etc. This socket is fits turn signals and backup lights.

  • 7443 - This model is also known as 7440, 7440A, 7443ST, 7443LL, 7443NA, etc. This socket fitsturn signals and brake lights.

  • 1157 - This model is also known as BAY15D, 1157A, 1157D, 1157R, 2057, 1016, 1034, etc. This socket fit brake lights, turn signals and backup lights.

  • 1156 - This model is also known asBA15S, 1156A, 1156K, 2356, 7506, etc. This socket fits position lights, tail lights, backup.

  • T15 - This model is also known as 912, 921, W15W, W16W, etc. This socket fits license plate lights, interior lighting and reading lights.

  • T10 - This model is also known as168, 2825, W5W, 158, 161, etc. This socket is socket fits Instrument panel indicators and reading lights.