Regarding whether DRL daytime running lights can be installed?

1) Common problem:

  • My DRL and high beam are one, will the AUXBEAM LED bulb fit?

  • After installing the LEDs, my DRL doesn't light up?

—— No, the DRL will not light up.

2) Working principle:

  • DRL daytime running light power supply 6V, the light is weak, suitable for daily lighting;

  • High-beam/low-beam power supply 12V, stronger light, suitable for night lighting.

  • Since the minimum voltage for the LED lamp beads to be lit needs to be 9V,Therefore, when the LED headlights are applied to the DRL in the above situations, the power supply voltage of the car is only 6V, which is not enough to light up the LED lights, and the lights are energized, but the naked eye cannot see the LED lamp beads lit up.

    3) Solution:

    • No, none of the LED bulbs currently on the market can solve this problem.

    In the "AUTO" mode of the car headlight, the LED bulb does not light up?

    1) Common problem:

    • After I replaced the LED headlights, the headlights twisted to AUTO and the headlights did not work.

    2) Working principle:

    • In the "Auto AUTO" mode, the vehicle's sensors automatically control the light on and off depending on the light intensity,  and the lighting and extinguishing of the LED bulbs are also controlled by this.

    3) Solution:

    • Increase the capacitance to raise the power and match the original car headlight requirements.

    The light bulb is not working, Check whether the positive and negative poles are plugged in reversely?

    • There are "+" and "-" symbols on the socket, "+" is connected to the positive pole of the red wire, and "-" is connected to the negative pole of the black wire;
    • Correct electrode connections ensure that current flows properly, allowing the bulb to glow properly.

    Retrofitting LED headlights, radio has interference problems?

    • Don't listen to amplitude modulation (AM) radio, listen to frequency modulation (FM) radio instead. Lights have less interference with FM radio.
    • Select Linear Drive Solution Series. eg: Q40、Q25、 Q20-SE、 F15 Series

    👉The Q40 Series is a high-power and ultra-high brightness bulb with 120W and 30000LM output, highly recommended.

    👉The Q25 Series is the same size as halogen bulbs and has an output of 20000LM.

    👉The Q20-SE Series has a 1:1 OEM size with 16000LM brightness.

    👉The F15 Series bulbs are 20% smaller than traditional LED car lights, making them easier to install and fit into a wider range of vehicles.